Useful Astronomy Mobile Apps

Mobile_AppsI’m often asked about what astronomy related apps I like to use on my  cell phone and tablet.  So I’ve included a list of apps in no particular order that I have either used at one time and found to be helpful and/or continue to use on a regular basis. I own Android devices (both cell phone and tablet) but most of these apps are available both on Google Play and via the App Store or  iTunes.  Additionally, most of the apps listed are free to download and install or have free versions available but some do have to be purchased. I hope they pique your interest regarding what is available and that you enjoy them as much as have.

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Total Lunar Eclipse on September 27th

Get ready sky sleuths for an amazing lunar spectacle! A total lunar eclipse is coming up (weather permitting) after dark on Sunday, September 27th when the moon will turn an awesome reddish-orange as it enters the Earth’s umbra. The eclipse will be visible from most of North and South America.

Total Lunar Eclipse
Total Lunar Eclipse

Total lunar eclipses always happen at full moon. This is when the Moon is opposite in the sky as the Sun or put another way when the Earth is between the Sun and Moon. This situation allows for the Earth’s shadow to consume the Moon, and we see an eclipse.

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