5″ Meade 127NT Newtonian


OpticalDesign: Newtonian Reflector
Aperture: 127mm (5”)
Focal Length: 1020mm
Focal Ratio: f/8
Near Focus: 60ft (18 meters)
Resolving Power: (arc secs) 0.9
Limiting Visual Magnitude: 12.7
Maximum Practical Visual Power: 350x
Optical Tube Dimensions: 6 ½ “ x 40” (16.5cm x 102 cm)
Secondary Mirror Minor Axis: 1.25” (3.1cm)
Secondary Mirror Obstruction: 6.25%
Secondary Mirror Support: 3-vane ; steel spider
Focusing Mechanism: 2” rack and pinion
Eyepiece Mechanism: 2” and 1.25”
Total Net Telescope Weight: 39.0lb (17.7kg) w/mount & tripod

Note: I’ve had a few visitors to the site looking for the instruction manual for this telescope. Unfortunately, I bought this telescope second-hand and was not provided with the manual. Additionally, I have tried to locate a PDF version online of the original instruction manual for the Meade 127NT telescope but have not been successful. If you have a copy and don’t mind sharing it with me so that I can post it on this page please let me know.  In the mean time, I’m offering up a very similar Meade telescope model instruction manual below. This model is very similar in design and I’m sure much of its contents parallel the 127NT model.

Meade Model 4500 Equatorial Reflecting Telescope Instruction Manual – PDF

6 thoughts on “5″ Meade 127NT Newtonian”

    1. Hello Casey – I purchased the Meade 127NT second-hand and did not get a manual with the scope. I have also searched online for the original manual for this scope and while there must be one out there somewhere it has remained hidden from me. I’m sorry.

      1. Have the same problem for a friend, Look at the Mead Polaris Series for a manual that details the alignment procedures for the German Eq. mounts.

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