Shooting the Eclipse
Shooting the Eclipse

Scott’s Astronomy Page came into being in early March 1998. I had just returned from a total solar eclipse cruise in the Caribbean and needed to post pictures of the eclipse and cruise for family and friends to see. From that meager beginning over 19 years ago the site has grown as my interest in astronomy and web design grew.

It has served as the test bed for my web design projects through college and primarily as a means to post local and current amateur astronomy information such as points of interest and events in the night sky, star party schedules, educational information, telescope buying tips and more.

This site has been visited by thousands of people from every corner of the globe and has been hosted on seven different ISP’s through the years. I’ve had the privilege of answering emails on a wide range of astronomy related topics from astrophotography to telescopes to questions about the web site itself.  More often than not the questions are are astrophotography related.

You might have noticed that this site is geared toward those new to the hobby. I have made a conscience effort to keep articles easy to read and understand. You won’t find equations or heavy astronomical terminology. There has been an active attempt to keep things lite and fun yet still interesting to even advanced amateur astronomers.

Thank you for your interest in my site . I value your input (comments, questions and suggestions) so please feel free to use the form to contact me if you have the notion.

Clear Skies!