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Updates to the Blog Site

I’ve been busy working on the blog site and have added a number of things that should be useful to visitors. Here’s the run down.

After having been removed several months ago due to issues it had with the WordPress site theme, the Events Calendar makes its return.  You can now check on specific dates for astronomical events, star parties and much more on the calendar or give a glance at the “upcoming events” in the right-hand column on the home page. The calendar still needs to have events added but April and May are done.

Next up is both a link in the main menu and social media icons to both the Scott’s Astronomy Page Facebook Group page and Twitter accounts. The Twitter account has been featured on the site now for some time but not the Facebook Group page. I recently made the Facebook page public in order to allow for visitors of the blog site to access, join and follow the site. I have to admit the Facebook Group site does get updated more frequently than the blog. So Join, Follow and Share!

Next up is the Astronomy News page.  I added this content a few months ago but didn’t really advertise the fact that I had done so. Through the miracle or RSS (Rich Site Summary or Really Simple Syndication) I’ve pulled in content (specifically astronomy and space related news and podcasts) into one page making it easy to access. I still plan more tweaks for the page as I’m not entirely in love with the look.

Then there is the new Astro Data Sets page which provides a great deal of information for folks in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  On this page you’ll find a Moon phase chart which also includes morning and evening twilight, moon rise and set and sun rise and set times all in tabular form and predicted out for the next 10 days.

Also on the Astro Data Sets page is the Planetary Data table which shows each planet and gives its rise and set times, the time the planet crosses the meridian as well as the constellation the planet is in and a visibility prediction. And if that is not enough the same page has a 10 day International Space Station prediction grid and visible iridium flares table showing those flares that can be seen in the next seven days. Again, all of this is specific to the DFW area.

Last but not least there is now a Current Sky Map page which displays the sky for the DFW area as it exists the moment you load the page. The link for the sky map is in the menu under the Astro Data Sets listing. This can be a helpful guide for you to pull up and then head outside to pin point an object in the sky.

Not in the DFW area are you? No worries. There is also a link on this page for those not in the DFW area to go to and pull up a map for their neck of the woods. This map is provided by Astro Viewer.

I enjoyed adding all this new content and welcome your feedback. Thanks for checking out the blog! Shoot me a comment and let me know what you think.

Useful Astronomy Mobile Apps

Mobile_AppsI’m often asked about what astronomy related apps I like to use on my  cell phone and tablet.  So I’ve included a list of apps in no particular order that I have either used at one time and found to be helpful and/or continue to use on a regular basis. I own Android devices (both cell phone and tablet) but most of these apps are available both on Google Play and via the App Store or  iTunes.  Additionally, most of the apps listed are free to download and install or have free versions available but some do have to be purchased. I hope they pique your interest regarding what is available and that you enjoy them as much as have.

Click here to be taken to the complete list.

Online Astronomy Resources

I recently added a new “Online Resources” tab and dedicated page on this web site to specifically highlight astronomy related information, documentation, charts, data sets, educational materials, lecture series and more. This information, as you might suspect, is geared to the novice or budding amateur astronomer and serves as a kind of repository for interesting but functional resources that I find myself returning to. Others are simply resources that I feel could be useful to those with a hunger to learn about and explore all things astronomy.

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Welcome to the new Scott’s Astronomy Page

After spending a couple of months transferring my domain to a new provider (ipage) I also realized that a freshening up was over due for the site too. I have decided to use WordPress to publish the site and doing so should also make postings much simpler and less time consuming for me. During the transition I have added new content under the Astrophotography and Telescope links with new images or scope and the addition of some new photo categories. I hope you enjoy the new look and feel. This is a work in progress so please check back often.