Celestron Super C8+ Schmidt-Cassegrain

I bought this circa 1990, one owner, Celestron C8 in 2004 from a gentlemen who was planning on purchasing a 14″ or 16″ SCT. I have to admit that I wasn’t in the market for another telescope but this deal was just to good to pass up. None of the pictures show all the extras that the previous owner threw in with the sale. He included practically every extra that’s available for this scope including a 12V battery, JMI Dec & MotoFocus motors, astrophotography setup (off-axis guider, piggyback bracket, counter weights), four eyepieces, trunk for storing the scope, deluxe field tripod, wedge, 8 x 50 upgraded 90 degree finder scope with dovetail mount, Celestron f/6.3 focal reducer, Celestron Advanced Astro Master (Digital Setting Circles), original product guide and reference manual and boxes. I’m not going to tell you what I paid for all this stuff but if I did rest assured you’d fall out of your chair in amazement. It was a smokin deal. There are good deals out there on used telescopes folks.

I’ve been very satisfied with this C8’s optics. I mainly use this scope with binoviewers to observe planets and the Moon. This setup is a real hit at star parties. People really enjoy the stereoscopic views.

Specifications and Features of the C8

Optical Design: Schmidt-Cassegrain
Aperture: 200mm (8″)
Focal Length: 2000mm
Focal Ratio: f/10
Resolving Power (arc secs.): 0.6
Optical Coatings: Star Bright Coatings
Limiting Visual Magnitude: 14
Limiting Photographic Magnitude: 16
Maximum Practical Visual Power: 480x
Secondary Mirror Obstruction (dia.; %): 2.75″; 12%
Telescope Mounting: Fork Mount with Byers Motor Drive (R.A.)
Tripod: Deluxe field tripod
Polar Illuminated Viewfinder: included in finder scope
Slow-Motion Controls: manual, both axes
Finder Scope: 8×50 Polar Alignment Finder Scope (90° w/illuminated reticule) with dovetail mount
Total Net Telescope Weight: 48 lbs.

Celestron Super C8+ Instruction Manual – PDF


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