Musical Interlude

I enjoy all types of music. In fact if I can tap my toes to it then chances are I’ll enjoy it, and I like all the tunes listed below.

I’ve been kicking around the idea of posting some astronomy and or space related songs for quite some time and only recently decided that I needed to go ahead and make it happen, so here they are.

I do want to preface the songs below by stating that I’m in no way advocating that this is a “definitive” list or or anything close to that. The songs below are simply ones that I happened to pluck from my library, enjoyed and hopefully you’ll enjoy as well. Again, all have some type of astronomy/space theme or setting, and they are in no particular order. Okay well, I did attempt to arrange them in a random order that I felt flowed better but that’s about it

So sit back, pop in your ear buds or slip on the headphones and let the music take you away, far away. I hope you enjoy them.

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