Telescope Instruction Manuals

There’s nothing like getting a new telescope! The anticipation of the delivery and then once it does arrive the pure excitement of unboxing your new instrument. Yes, it’s like Christmas and your birthday all wrapped into one.  After the boxes have been cast aside and a rough assembly takes place we turn our attention to the instruction manual for all the “hmm, I wonder where this fits?” or maybe “I know this is the thing that goes on here but why is it not staying on?” We’ve all been there at some point. Time to consult the manual. My Dad always used to say “If all else fails, read the directions!”

I myself enjoy instruction manuals for all things electronic and of course that means telescopes to. You know you’re a nerd when you actually look forward to kicking back with a nice cup coffee and reading through the entire instruction manual page by page whether it be a hard copy or online in PDF form.

It’s no surprise when the same information that is contained in many of these manuals surfaces such as polar alignment or directions for adjusting the counter weights to get the balance just right but nevertheless it’s still fun to read through the manual and know all the ins and outs, features and new tricks you can do with your new toy.

So I understand when folks browse my site and look through my telescopes section for either the pictures, the specifications or even for my meager reviews and comments about them but many times people are also searching for the instruction manuals as well.

Over the past few days I have slowly collected all the instruction manuals for the telescopes that I own except for one. There is one that is proving hard to locate but I did find a manual to a very similar model made by the same manufacturer (Meade) and so I’ve offered that one up in it’s place. But I’m getting ahead of myself a little bit. So with all the manuals gathered up I have uploaded them to this site and made them available for download on each of their corresponding pages. So now, for instance, when you visit the site’s page for the 10″ Meade LXD55 you’ll also find a link at the bottom of that page which can be accessed for that scope’s instruction or user  manual. Simply click the link to display the manual and download it to your machine if you need a copy of it.  This also holds true for all the scopes on this site now.  Easy enough and hopefully helpful to those seeking the original instruction manuals.